The Personal Marketing is a set of practices for a professional win his place in the market. In fact, our every action generates a reaction in the market. The marketing staff, so does the work to improve the way it becomes popular.
The term called "personal marketing" is the target of much criticism and also of much interest. Almost a controversial issue because, due to a puritanical say, people think that the person need not be based on personal marketing, since it must be true.
The marketing staff also must be used intelligently and discreet, because it defines what you want and you do what you're getting.
Finally, the marketing staff is a tool for valuing human life in all its attributes and it is necessary to have a professional attitude and ethics.
And should learn an important lesson, make people like you. And before you go around handing out smiles and pleasantries, be aware that their attitudes are not forced and false, because it almost always ends up creating a negative result. Be authentic; hypocrisy just chasing people.
The owner must meet the needs of the company, with qualities that enable it to leverage a business, seeking academic and professional training that gives you a good salary, equivalent to their abilities.
For this, the person must have clarity and your resume should contain only information relevant to the dispute of a wave, eliminating data that do not matter for the company.
Finally, the professional image should be aligned to their skills, it builds not only the image results, but rather a set of skills and experience.

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